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Putting the Icing on Your Cake!

Charley's Cakes & Confectionery is a delicious destination based in Vancouver that is committed to always putting the icing on your cake. Fresh baked, creative and delectable treats are the only things that will have Charley's name on it, and never anything less than that, only more. 

Peachy pecan eggless birthday cake!

This was a few weeks back, but the pictures look just as good now as they did then...

Eggless Peach Pecan cake.


Based off a coffee cake fave of the birthday girls and recreated with a icing recipe that they loved. 

It took me for a ride with the food sensitivities and allergies I had to watch for , but the big one was eggs. So a little research and thinking brought me to an eggless vanilla cake with peach yogurt to keep it moist. Pecan pieces to give surprise bites in the cake. And peach purée icing to give the real peachy taste.



Cupcakes for Baby shower!

Decadent cupcakes to celebrate a new baby girl on the way!   

sweet, but not overwhelmingly sweet treats - made with real Italian buttercream and not the sugary commercial buttercream. 


mocha espresso. 


raspberry chocolate. 


double chocolate. 


Even mom-to-be's tummy jumped for joy!  No, really. The baby moved around when the cupcake was sitting on top of her belly.


Vegan cupcakes?!?! Yeah!

from a little inspiration of a dear coworker's vegan diet for Lent ... came these delicious treats she would be able to enjoy along with everyone else! Why should she have to organize a birthday celebration for 5 coworkers but not eat any of the goodies herself?! 

Presenting a small platter of all vegan treats!  


Caramel popcorn

Raspberry almond chocolate mini cupcakes  

Peanut butter banana chocolate mini cupcakes 

made with vegan butter and almond milk



Bridal shower x 4!!!

Had the amazing opportunity to design a two tiered cake for a VIP client's office party!

There were 4 brides at the office getting married, so a cake that highlights each couple was only appropriate. All the decor and designs were from fondant and royal icing. 

The cake is credited to Urban Fare Coal Harbour - red velvet with cream cheese icing. 

All in all, the whole cake took about 16 hrs over two days. It was well worth it, hearing the comments and seeing the final product!